What to Wear in Thailand

Thailand is called the “Land of the smiles”, once you visit this country, you will enjoy a beautiful city, bustling and civilized. Everything here comes naturally but very uniquely and strangely, the simple thing is the beauty of this land of Golden Temple.


Thailand is either warm or scorching hot, depending on what time of the year you visit. This means that you don’t need to worry about being cold. Get some tips what to wear at the beach and at temples for a perfect trip.


Clothing tips for women:


At beaches: Stick with natural fabrics for cover-ups and  fairly modest coverage. Always wear your bikini top, because topless sunbathing is a taboo. Thai women often wear a chemise outside at the beach. It’s hot, the advice is to pack light, loose-fitting clothes in natural fabrics that are easy to wash and dry and will keep you cool .

At temples: When you visit a cultural sensitive area, you show respect by covering your shoulders, wearing long pants to the knees and need some better footwear (though usually people enter the temple barefoot). T-shirt or blouse is acceptable. You’ll not be admitted if you are wearing tank tops, short shorts or revealing clothes.  Also do not wear mini skirts, tops with low neck lines, or bare shoulders.  In other words, simply dress reasonably and you will have no problems.


Clothing tips for men:


At beaches: Clothes for guy is simple and easy: T-shirts and standard-issue ‘men’s shorts’ mean your modesty never need be a problem (just put your shirt back on when you leave the beach). In some spots it might be necessary to wear mosquito repellent, too.


At Temples:

When visiting Buddhist temples, you should pay particular attention to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. You would avoid wearing shorts and no slippers.


You should take notice of weather in Thailand to bring clothes and necessary items in your suitcase.


Weather in Thailand is equivalent Vietnam. From November to February next years is the best season for traveling because of less rainy weather. Tourism in the south is the most beautiful from March to May, in the north from November to February. The climate condition determines what you should wear in Thailand – a fine line between respecting local culture, and not melting to a puddle.


Shopping in Thailand


Shopping in Thailand is one of the reasons why Thailand is such a great place to visit. Everything is cheap and you can always negotiate the best price for you. You have seen how many products says Made in Thailand. The manufacturing and labor force is cheap in there. The quality might not be the greatest but for that price it doesn’t really matter.

The best things for shopping in Thailand are clothes and art.  There are also good and original brand products, like Nike, Burberry, Lacoste, etc and it’s still cheaper as in most of the countries in the world. It’s not all just fake stuff but the fake ones are not always that bad either.

The best place for shopping in Thailand is definitely in Bangkok. It is full of big malls, markets and shopping centers and what you cannot get from Thailand, you cannot get anywhere.

The biggest mall and definitely a place to go is MBK shopping mall. It is HUGE and there are various stores with all different kinds of products to sell. There are basic Thai booths and real brand stores. Everything you need to buy is in there. This mall requires at least one whole day of attention if not two.

There are many more good malls and shopping areas around Bangkok. What we did was just take the skytrain and make stops in different places. People are very friendly to help and tell you where to take a stop. Go and explore what Bangkok has to offer. The city central area is very touristic but the further you go, the better the prices are and more exciting things you’ll get. I totally recommend you make time for shopping in Thailand, Bangkok.

Here are some good shopping areas in Bangkok:

MBK Center (444 Phayathai Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok)

Siam Center (Pathum Wan Pathum Wan, Bangkok)

Siam Paragon (991/1 Rama 1 Road Pathumwan, Bangkok)

Central World Plaza (1 RAMA, Bangkok)

The Emporium Shopping Complex (24 Soi Sukhumvit, Bangkok)

Pantip Plaza (Thanon Phetchaburi Ratchathewi, Bangkok)

The Platinum Fashion Mall (222 Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi)

Shopping in Thailand, Phuket

Shopping in Thailand, Phuket is not as exciting as in Bangkok but it provides lots of good opportunities. The prices are a bit more expensive but still cheap compared to most of the countries in the world. There are lots of great outdoor markets that are exciting to go through. There are good tailors in Phuket that makes great suits and dresses from quality Thai silk. There are still some not so good stores so if possible look advance for good places and read reviews. The tourists are the most reliable critics.

Phuket is a place for tourists so everything is there just for them. You see more original people shopping in Thailand, Bangkok as in Phuket.

Shopping in Patong Beach

Patong Beach is a great place for night shopping in Thailand like many other Phuket areas. The roads are full of Bazaars and tourists in the evening. That can be a bit chaotic but it’s definitely lot of fun. People are selling everything from food to electronic and of course there’s all the basic tourist stuff you will want to buy.

Here are some good shopping areas in Patong Beach:

Beach Road shopping

Rat U Thit Road Shopping

JungCeylon Shopping Center

Ocean Plaza and Ocean Bangla Shopping Center

Shopping in Thailand in other beaches in Phuket you will just want to walk around and see all the amazing Thai stores, Outlets, Souvenirs and many other stores. There is not really any huge central areas for shopping for example in Kata, Karong or Kamala Beach. The number one place for awesome shopping is Patong Beach. You might find the prices more expensive because of the amount of tourists there are.

Shopping in Thailand, smaller islands

Shopping in Thailand is always cheap but for smaller islands like Phi Phi and Koh Samet is not in a main role. The islands are more for relaxation and outdoor activities. Before you go to spend a part of your holiday on some Island, be prepared. Buy all the towels and hygienic applies on bigger city. You might be shocked about the prices they take. They know you will have to get it from there so they might even triple the prices.


Here are our Thailand travel tips for you

There are few things you need to know about Thailand before traveling to the country. First, you need to decide how long you are planning to stay in Thailand. For many of us, it’s long distance destination so one week might not be enough to explore and learn about the country. We recommend at least 2 weeks trip there. Then you will have enough time to see different places and maybe have the stomach flu which is quite common for foreigners to have there. The longer you will stay in the country, the more you’ll fall in love with it. There is no such thing as a too long vacation in Thailand.


If you are an adventurer you might want to take your backpack and move around without any real plans. Backpacking opens you multiple options and places where you might not be able to go with your suitcase. Don’t hesitate and just do it. Suitcase traveling is a better option when traveling with children and people who do not want to move from one place to another. Moving around might cause stress for some people and if you are one of them, don’t do it.


Thailand offers multiple day trips to short distance locations and there are reliable travel kiosks in almost every street. Choose your adventures from there and the travel agency helps you to plan the best trip for you. Trips are not very expensive in there and if you go there today you can go on a trip tomorrow. This is easy and very stress-free.


You might need to use local transportations in Thailand. Be prepared and learn advance is my tip for you. Taxis and tuk-tuks might try to take more money first so bargain, bargain, bargain. You can negotiate with almost everything. Thai people or not in a rush, they don’t play with their minutes. So if you have appointed pickup then you might be prepared for waiting few extra minutes. The driver might come an hour late and that’s no big deal for them. So forget your watch at home and prepare to wait. The only thing you should make sure you’re at the airport at the right time. They won’t wait.